The appearance of a person determines to a large extent her/his wellbeing and quality of life.

Cosmetic operations can deliver good results. They have to be however well defined.

We recommend thorough consideration and offer professional advice. Only the well informed, can make the right decision.

Our philosophy is to achieve through an aesthetic operation the best possible result – based on a realistic approach and our yearlong medical experience according to international standards.  Health, reliability and satisfaction of the patient are our main concern.


Please inform us before every operation whether you take any medicine.

Blood diluting medicine like Aspirin or Thromboass should not be taken 2 weeks before the operation. No vaccinations later than 4 weeks before the operation.

We advise to refrain from smoking before every operation. Nicotine delays the healing process. A pre operative check is obligatory, 2 or maximum 10 days before operation.


The surgical intervention is performed in a private clinic, either in the Döblinger Private Clinic or in the Rudolfinerhaus and for patients with KFA insurance in the Hera Hospital.

It depends on the operation which anaesthetic will be chosen: local anaesthetic, full anaesthetic or Sedoanalgesia.