Online appointment

Dear patient,

We try our best to offer you appointments that ensure a high degree of flexibility and short-term availability. To that end, it is now possible for you to book an appointment online – quick, simple and irrespective of our surgery’s opening hours. In case that your desired appointment is unavailable you can contact us by phone and together we will find a suitable alternative.

Availabilities by phone for setting up or canceling an appointment:
MON, WED, THU      12.00-17.00
FRI                              11.00-15.00
Tel.                             +43 1 367 64 64

If you need additional information regarding your appointment, we ask you to reach out to us on +43 1 367 64 64 during our opening hours. Please note that every medical examination requires an appointment.

In case that you require an urgent appointment (e.g. severe pain since last night), we ask you to contact us via telephone. Please note that a remote diagnosis is not possible.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask you to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, your failure to appear in person will be charged. Please note that in case of multiple occasions of non-attendance we reserve the right to exclude you from further scheduling of appointments.

Additionally, we ask you to arrive a maximum of 10 minutes prior to your appointment in order to prevent long waiting times.

Please be aware that private appointments are covered by your private additional insurance depending on the insurance tariff. If you have already consulted another ENT physician or us with your E-Card during this quarterly period, the private appointment will not be refunded by the regional medical insurance (“Gebietskrankenkasse”). If you schedule your private appointment online, it will not be possible for us to examine you using your E-Card.

Concerning surgery meetings:
Not every single surgery/surgery meeting will be covered by your health insurance/insurance company (e.g. aesthetic surgery, etc.)
We ask you to consider these aspects before scheduling an appointment and offer to explain all uncertainties concerning the procedure personally via telephone.

Nasal septum surgery can be covered either by “small” health insurance (BVA, VAEB, SVA) or by private additional insurance.
Ear corrections are generally covered by health insurance/ private additional insurance up until the 14th year of age.
Older patients will not have the costs of surgery refunded.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Dr. Hospodka Team